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oN one hand... but On the other hand...

certain events can happen so quickly yet change everything forever in such a big way.
deaths happen so quickly and unexpectedly sometimes yet change lives until the same fate is met by others.

everyone says Im gonna do this and gonna do that, but truely you can only plan so far ahead, so many things could happen between now and tomorrow which could change the face of the universe forever, let alone your little life. Or nothing significant could happen between now and tomorrow and life would roll on as normal. It's just something you don't have any control over. Some people might find that sense of lack of control, irritation. scary. daunting. but without it how boring would life be... soooo boring. and besides we have never had any control over our lives really in the grand scale, so why now do you think you have lost something you never truely had. kids and babies don't have any control over their lives, but they don't freak at the thought they are powerless, they get off on the fact they have no power hence no responsibility.

When someone tells me a story were they got so embarassed or something mad happened, I always say, well at least its a good story, even though it may be traumatising.

Lauren told me something interesting today, well actally 2 things...
1) Why does a banana not have juice, like all the other fruits?
2) When you try and look at the air, not an object, just the air, why does your eyes go cross eyed and out of focus. Maybe there is something there that is being hidden from us, a secret that if you try and look, you just can't. Most people would probably find this stupid, but I like that idea.
I mean youve heard of all other worlds like, teenage mutant hero turtles in the sewers, or platform 9 and 3/4 to get to Hogwarts, but youve never heard of something that is all around us, so close and yet so far.
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