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Examinations Baby!

I was disgraced to find that some people aren't updating their diaries.... but then again neither have I.
So why is there nothing to talk about? I think around this whole revision /slash/ exam time people turn into wee hermits and recluses. Not just physically, but mentally. I mean the harder you work your brain the less your brain can give at any other time such as socialising. Many peeps are practically being grounded to their houses and being locked in their rooms and forced to revise. Guess what they have to look forward toin the summer? Parents forcing them to get a job! So its obviously worth it, staring at a book until your eyes blur and staying like that for about an hour. Maybe go to the kitchen, eat some crap and get back to the serious revising you just priced yourself away from. Parents have their kids with tutors, revision night classes, every revision book and past paper money can buy, and for what? Sometimes if your kid is going to fail maths just let them fail it. And if you don't work you kinda have this feeling that you should, so if you do try enjoying yourself you are constantly feeling guilty and tryed to justify this break. "Oh come on, Ive revised for 30 minutes, now I can watch Trisha, Ophera and Dr Phil for lets say 5 hours? Its just no fun, exams suck the fun out of everything.
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