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How much is that dream house in the future? The one with the waggly tail

I have been thinking about interior design, I would love to do up a house. I could do up my room, but I just have a weird thing about hording stuff I think... but in a way rightly so, because a lot of things that I've thrown out I've regretting throwing out because maybe 3 years later I think of a perfect use for them. Omg I sound totally like my dad... oh dear.

Can you imagine having a whole house to yourself? Like it's under your control, doesn't have to be big but still you could choose what toilet seat you want, every picture on the wall would be your choice, omg I'm in heaven... I want my own house! But like then there the problems of bills etc, but we will just ignore them for the time being.

I thought of a really cool idea of a feature on the wall, a light box with an Xray picture over the top of it, Id like that...
You all probably think that sucks, but it's just the easiest thing in my head to explain right now.
I haven't really factored in living with anyone else yet in this future dream home, their taste might fuck it up... hmm only one solution, be a bitch or a reclusive hermit... hmm which to choose, or live with someone who doesn't have a creative atom in their body and is totally passive to bonkers design ideas... hmm I have a few people in mind already... he he
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